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El Campo’s Response to Covid-19 by: Cielo Espinoza

Posted Date: 09/11/2020

El Campo’s Response to Covid-19  by: Cielo Espinoza

Coronavirus has brought countless changes, many that will transform societal standards possibly even after the disease is no longer an ongoing problem.   Virtual learning, curbside & delivery, and digitally staying in touch are some of the positives that can be highlighted through these unfavorable circumstances.  

ECHS’s recent decision to have synchronized learning and digital school work allows for shorter classes and more time prioritized for extracurricular activities. Quicker and online paced courses benefit the more introverted students as well as creating a different and more challenging environment for students.

Additionally, something our small town has been lacking is the luxury of curbside and personal delivery.   To maintain social distancing many companies such as H-E-B now offer curbside pickup, as well as local delivery offered by Orsak Errand Service, which are great examples of services that can benefit everyone for years to come.  

With the rise of technology and amidst the obstacles that have resulted because of Covid-19, society has become dependent on online communication.   Whether it be chatting with a friend or attending church online, most can agree online connection is usually more convenient and preferred.

Ultimately, when looking at the bright side, coronavirus has brought new and exciting changes to everyone’s lives and it’s generally agreed that most of these developments are here to stay.


Editor’s note: Cielo is currently using the online option of attending ECHS.