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Christopher Luera-ECHS Staff Writer


School for El Campo high school students began August 11th, 2021. Many students and teachers express excitement and ambition as they enter the new school year.

Kaylynn Schulze, a Sophomore, said “I am so excited to see the clubs and opportunities the year has to offer”. The class she looks forward to most is culinary.

Opportunity offers at El Campo don’t just stop with students though. As they enter the new school year they are greeted with many new faces, some of which are teachers.

Mr. Lawson, a teacher from Needville high school, decided to teach at El Campo this year. When asked what he was hoping to gain from teaching at El Campo High School Mr. Lawson said simply “More experience”.

Changes to El Campo aren’t exclusive to just the people however. In the 21-22 year they were introduced to a new schedule where class starts at 7:50 instead of 8.

As a result of this early start, students have an extra 15 minutes for lunch leaving them with 45 minutes instead of just 30. Cambrie Priesmeier, a Senior at El Campo, said the extra 15 minutes of lunch isn’t much more time but leaves enough time for students to eat off campus and return safely.

As the 21-22 school year goes on, students are prepared to work hard to pass all their classes and make new friends along the way.

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