AP US History (APUSH)

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DBQ Verbs

AP US History Content Terms

Supply List for AP US History


  1. Large multi pocket spiral (they should have their homework notes in this)
  2. One small or mini spiral to be left in my class room (composition books are GREAT!)
  3. One YELLOW paper legal pad (to be left in my room)
  4. High lighters and post it notes are helpful but not required
  5. Students may use any type of pen or pencil for their notes/ most exams will require a pencil and eraser.  All daily work/ turned in assignments will be done in pen (blue or black).
  6. Some type of folder for hand-outs
  7. One package of 3 X 5 index cards- student keeps for supplies as needed
  8. Either a box of tissues OR a bottle of hand sanitizer


Students in AP US History will be expected to log into SKYWARD and Google Classroom regularly.


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