World Geography the National Geographic Society is a global nonprofit organization

                      committed to exploring and protecting our planet. Their website features include Photo of the Day, 

                      Today's Video, and various stories.  I enjoyed the video with Morgan Freeman interviewing a 

                      modern girl and her experience with visiting her home country. She was introduced to how 

                      an arranged marriage works by her grandmother.  Interesting! - this site features games that will test your knowledge about the

                     locations of countries, rivers, and other features of places around the world.  I tried the "Countries"

                     map. You do have to be sure you change the language to English since the site was created in the 

                     Netherlands. Do you remember what language is spoken there? - this link goes to an article, "40 Maps that explain the world". Below each

                      map are links for additional information. These maps show various things such as which countries

                      are most welcoming to foreigners. That is something you might want to know before you travel

                      out of the country.


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