Younglife By: Viviana Bolfing

On Monday evenings at 6:57 pm if you pass by the Limo Station on North Mechanic Street, it’s possible you might hear voices united in praise. Students know this sound of admiration as Young Life. What is Young Life? Club leader, Tanner Oldag, provides an answer.


 “Young Life is a club where we can gather together, and we can all worship while still having fun with our friends.”


Young Life Members

            This club provides a place of worship outside of school and encourages the idea of having fun all the while loving God. In the past, members have held various games and skits such as a pizza olympics, and a redneck country club. Some confusion might arise from the title, “pizza olympics.” Despite the connotative image that comes to mind this game requires the pizza deliverers to race. Members gathered into teams: Team Pizza Hut, Team Gattis, and Team Domino’s. Each team called and ordered their pizzas at the same time and sat back to see which pizza franchise would get there first. Team Gattis won first place, Pizza Hut won second, and Domino’s won third. In addition to games like this, there will also be a men’s beauty pageant.

One question always asked is: “Why 6:57?” Griffen Croix, Young Life leader, explains,


“It’s a time that you’ll remember and it’s much more efficient than 7:00 pm. It’s also at a later time due to football or volleyball getting released late. Our members consist of many football players.”


Young Life meets every other Monday at 6:57 pm at the Limo Station. The clubs next meeting is October 8th. Skylar Bartosh encourages students to attend the meetings and makes sure to post on the club’s Instagram (@elcampoyounglife). Tanner Oldag also encourages his peers to participate in the meetings,

Young Life members


“Young Life is the only thing that makes Mondays enjoyable.”

Upcoming Events

Aug 30

Varsity Football vs. Texas City

Stingaree Stadium

Aug 30

Ricebird Varsity Football vs. Texas City

Texas City-Stingaree Stadium

Sep 13

Ricebird Varsity Football vs. Cuero

Ricebird Stadium

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