Shattered Dreams by: Ismael Brito

The Shattered Dreams program is a 2-day event showing the dangers of drinking and driving. This program consists of a reenactment of a crash site, as well as guest speakers and personal stories. They use real-life scenarios to spread the awareness of drinking while intoxicated.


Preparation of the car wreck before the presentation of the Shattered Dreams Reenactment.

“After everything that happened, it has been very eye-opening,” Cielo Espinoza said. “It showed us the dangers of drunk driving and the impact it has on everyone.”




Cole Skinner, 12, inspecting the scene after emerging from his scene during the Shattered Dreams Reenactment.


Jose Brito, 11, participating during the Shattered Dreams Reenactment

“These events show the true reality of drinking and driving,” Meredith Radley said. “It has the possibility of if completely ruining the entire hopes of someone’s future.”


The participants of the Shattered Dreams event gathered at the final presentation.

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