Reach For the STARs by: Melissa Martin

After a long year of collaboration and competition, STARs takes a step towards the new year by having their yearly officer election meeting.

Nominations for officers was held April 17th, and on April 22nd the election was held. The members of the STARs eagerly waited for results as speeches were given for other positions. Finally, one by one a name was called for each officer position, and now the club reflects on this year while welcoming the new 2019-2020 officers. The officer positions consist of various responsibilities such as working all year long on the club’s events.

“When votes are being tallied the pressure builds to a climax and then you reach a point where you are ready to accept the outcome,” sophomore Austin Viktorin said.

Every year, the organization's officers began working on tournament material, shows, and the school's tournament before the new year begins. In the first semester, they spend most of the time working on the ECHS Speech and Debate Tournament that is held in January.

“The work it takes to get the tournament running is very, very stressful. Both before and during the tournament, we spend a lot of time making sure the tournament is enjoyable to everyone coming over,” junior Jose Brito said. “As much work as it is, watching it all unfold provides a really satisfying feeling. The hard work from everyone pays off.”

Every month, they meet to schedule the club’s events, and they plan out what will be told at the meetings later on.

“The meetings take place on Wednesdays, usually during lunch for officers and after school for the whole club,” junior Ryan Garcia said. “We discuss what tournaments are available, what important events are upcoming, and vote on ideas for future occasions.”

Almost every day, the officers and many members tend to spend their time with Mrs. Skinner and Mr. Otradovsky working on tournament material. This is very common in the second semester due to UIL District and NSDA District.

"District is the culmination of all of our hard work throughout the year. We put our hearts and souls into our performances and fight to prove we are the best," said Mr. Otradovsky.

As the year winds down, the club prepares for the end of the year STARs banquet, which will have the traditional thespian induction, senior tributes, etc.

“I love the STARs banquet because it’s a way to celebrate all of the STARs,” senior Cara Armstrong said. ”I feel like we forget that we are part of a team when we only hear names of winners at tournaments. Therefore, we need our banquet to honor everyone.”

As the seniors prepare to say goodbye to the club, they hope they have left a wonderful influence and legacy for incoming officers and members.

“On one hand, I’m really glad that I could play such a big part for this club and for the people in it. It’s also a kind of sad moment when you realize that you have to leave these members you’ve grown really close to. So it’s a bittersweet feeling,” senior Cole Skinner said. “I’ve always loved this club and like Tony Stark says, ‘Part of the journey is the end.’”

The incoming officers hope that next year will be even greater and that STARS will continue to excel as time goes by.

“STARS is an amazing organization with amazing members who give their all to the club and everything they do for it,” sophomore Manna Trevino said. “I have complete faith that the STARS members and incoming officers will make next year a year to remember.”


STARs Officers 2019-2020

Speech President: Jose Brito

Drama President: Ryan Garcia

Vice President: Austin Viktorin

Secretary: Manna Trevino

Historian: Riley Respondek

Reporter: Melissa Martin

Parliamentarian/Sergeant of Arms: Anastasia Hobbins


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