NAEP Testing

Our date is March 5th for NAEP Testing.



What is NAEP?

NAEP stands for the National Assessment of Educational Progress. You may know it as The Nation’s Report Card. It’s the largest continuing and nationally representative assessment of what students across the country know and can do in various subjects. It is different from our state assessments and even the SAT and ACT because it represents all high school students across the country, not just those here in our state or those who plan to go on to college.

Why should I participate?

NAEP is important. The results of NAEP are released as The Nation’s Report Card and they help the President, Congress, and all of our educators make decisions about how to improve our education system. By participating, you have the ability to influence those decisions and contribute to the quality of education for future students. Not all students take the assessment. You have been chosen to represent other high school students in our school, in our state, and across the country. It is important that you take part and put forth your best effort.

What do I have to do?

You will take the test with other selected students. The test takes only about 120 minutes. Students will be assessed in mathematics, reading, science, and writing. Each student will be assessed in only one subject. Your scores will be anonymous and will not affect your grades or academic record in any way. Instead, they will be combined with the scores of other students to produce overall results. You should do your best because you were selected to represent students just like you across the country. When NAEP results are reported in the news, they influence the public’s opinion of what high school students across the United States know and can do in a variety of subjects.

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