Marc and his bike... by:Ryan Williamson

marc and his bike

Marc Ravelo and his bicycle are a pair that can always be seen on the campus of ECHS.

Football games.

Marc and his bike.

Theatre productions.

Marc and his bike.

Band contests.

Marc and his bike.

However, when Marc was spotted walking around without his trusty bike by coaches and football players, it became evident to them that something was wrong. His bike had been presumably stolen on September 7 at the junior varsity football game against the Angleton Wildcats.  After hearing this, a group of football players began a collection of funds to buy him a new bike of his choice.

Senior Keaton Wisnieski was one of the main initiators of this collection because he knew he had to help one of the team’s biggest supporters.

“The whole team was angry and ready to help out in any way they could,” Wisnieski said.

Members of the football team donated at least $2 dollars each to the fund.  After school on Thursday, September 14, the team took Marc to Walmart to let him pick out his new black and orange bike along with a lock to keep it from being stolen again.

“It’s a black mongoose with rims and a horn,” Senior Justin Davlin said. “He was super happy to get it.”

The students did this action on their own and their coaches are proud of their kindness towards a critical member of their team.

“Their actions talk a lot about family and team,” Athletic Director Coach Condra said.  “Marc is a part of our team, and as far as those guys getting together and taking care of family, I think says a bunch.”

Marc is viewed as ‘one of the guys’ by the varsity team. He is always present to cheer the team on whether they are playing under the Friday night lights or just preparing for the next big game.

“Mark always has a smile on his face and makes everyone laugh and loves to interact with the football team,” Wisnieski said.

After seeing what the team did, many members of the community posted the deed on Facebook with one post currently having over 500 likes and shares.

“When I saw what happened on social media, my heart was broken because Mark is such a sweet kid and did not deserve that,” senior Elyssa Smith said. “Seeing the football team step up shows how important the sense of community is in El Campo.”

After ECHS students became aware of the situation, a sense of pride echoed throughout the student body.

“What these guys have done stands for a united family,” senior athletic trainer Jillian Owens said. “As a senior seeing the younger students step up for Marc has made me proud of our students and the school. This shows they have hearts and they fight as a team to help others in need.”

Principal Rodney Montello sums the whole situation up in one statement:

“Character is what you do when no one is watching,” Montello said. “You do it because it is the right thing to do, not because you are rewarded for it.”

Marc and FB team

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