GPA Calculations Being Revised for Freshmen By: Ismael Brito

ECISD will change the Weighted Grade Point Average (GPA) for the classes of 2021 and 2022, which will weigh Dual-Credit and AP courses equally.

Currently, Dual-Credit classes are counted on a 6.0 point scale, while AP courses are counted on a 7.0 scale. The change will equalize the points so that both courses value at 7.0 points.

“The Dual-Credit classes were not being weighed fairly,” Principal Demetric Wells said. “Some kids were taking the AP courses just for the credit without taking the AP exam.”

Manna Trevino, 9, said she is happy with these changes.

“It will make the class more competitive,” Manna said. “This will make it a much more enjoyable experience.”

However, one sophomore is not to glad with the revisions.

“I think it’s unfair,” Jose Brito, 10, said. “Freshmen will get this change and the rest of us don’t.”

These changes will allow the students to now safely take Dual-Credit courses without having to worry about being weighed differently than an equally difficult course like an AP class.

“We should not be playing this ‘GPA game’ that’s going on,” Mr. Wells said. “It isn’t fair that some kids were getting more than others without the same work.”

Mr. Wells hopes that the changes will help students who want to advance their education after high school.

“I think that this will help,” Mr. Wells said. “Hopefully it will become an even playing field."

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