An Eggcellent Project By: Sicily Valdez & Prudince Guerrero

Human Services classes recently took part in the ever-popular “egg baby” project to teach the students about child care. Teacher Paul Wortham assigned this project to give the students a view into the life of a parent.   

“It’s hard being a parent to an egg,” freshman Michelle Brito said.

The students had many responsibilities and needed to prepare before their “baby” was able to go home. Like any parent, they had to have a carrier before they took their egg out of the classroom.  Students also had to get a paper signed by each of their teachers for each class for a week to be sure that their baby was being well cared for.

“This project is supposed to help student think critically about life decisions,” Mr. Wortham said.

They had to treat the egg like a real child and meet the needs of a real child physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. During athletics or PE the students had to find a responsible babysitter and if the egg cracked, the parent of the egg would be held responsible. The project also taught students about the struggle of child care and how challenging having a child could be during the teenage years.

“I thought is was fun and memorable,” freshman Jocelyn Pacheco said.

Some students thought it was fun and easy. Freshman Trinity Smith said she definitely does not want kids now.

“I am going to fill it with glitter and throw it at someone,” Trinity said.

Even though the students had to be a parent to the egg for a week, all the students were ready to get rid of the egg. Some students want to break it, or even throw it down the stairs.

“I’m going to let my friend hit it with a bat during baseball practice,” Jocelyn said.


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