Derby Doll Spring Show By Elizabeth Wilson

For the audience, the Derby Doll Spring Show is a night full of fun dances, entertaining stories, and endless amounts of glitter.


For the Derby Dolls, it’s all that, but it’s also their last chance to perform as friends, as a team and as a family.


The Derby Doll’s annual Spring Show was held on Tuesday, April 12 at the high school auditorium. The movie-themed night featured all of the Dolls performing their competition routines, grade-level dances, and other special, timeless dances.


“Spring Show was a huge success because, in my opinion, we performed our routines very well,” Co-Captain Michelle Sutton said. “Overall I was impressed with the big audience we had. It was so nice to see such a huge part of our community come out to support the Dolls.”


Almost every routine this year was inspired by hit movies including The Great Gatsby, Grease, and The Last Song.


“My favorite dance to perform was Hairspray’s ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat,’” Senior Lieutenant Shelby Sabrsula said. “I love musicals and that is one of my favorite songs out of any musical. It was always fun to dance to. With me loving the 60s, it was perfect for me.”


Aside from the team performances, Sutton and Co-Captain Elizabeth Wilson performed solos and the Derby Dudes (senior boys) also danced to a Disney melody.


“I think the Derby Dudes were really funny and the co-captains’ solos were really beautiful,” Junior and Social Officer Kamryn Munos said.


The Derby Dudes are always one of the most entertaining performances for the audience.


“I think we did well at Spring Show,” Senior Tariq Barron said. “We did what we were supposed to, which was to make the crowd laugh honestly.”


A lot of time and dedication went into making the show a success. Not only do the Dolls have to be on point in front of the crowd, but they have be prepared for all of the quick changes and the backstage scrambles.


“It was a process to get where we were, but we practiced a lot for the show,” sophomore Kelia Jasso said. “Getting ready was stressful, but very fun. The hardest part was getting dressed for the next dance, and the easiest was remembering the dances.”


Preparing for the show also takes a mental toll on the girls, as all of the hours, all of the practices and all of the stress adds up.


“The hardest part for me was the junior dance because there was only five of us,” Munos said. “I felt a lot of pressure because there were less people to watch. I just stayed calm and didn’t really stress about it too much. I had a lot of fun with it.”


Despite all of the pressure, the show went better than expected this year. All of the performances led up to the finale, which is a traditional routine that has been performed by the Dolls for decades now. The Dolls also got to wear their field uniforms for the last time this school year.


“My favorite part of the show was when we did finale and I heard all our boots hit the floor,” Jasso said.


And for the seniors, the finale is their last dance as a Derby Doll, and a tribute to all of their years on the team.


“The hardest part of Spring Show would have to be the finale,” Sabrsula said. “Due to it being my last year as a Doll, it’s hard to let go of something you do everyday, with the people you love dancing with. This year’s team was one of my best years.”

Derby Dolls


From baby dolls to seniors, every Doll felt like they had a second family in the team, and it’s always hard to let a part of your family go.


“I will miss the close friendships I have formed with the seniors and I will miss the bond our team shared this year,” Jasso said.


For the Dolls, Spring Show night was a night they will never forget. And for the seniors, this team was a team they will never forget.


“My favorite part of our team this year was the incredible bond we had and our ability to pull together and work harder when we were under pressure in tough situations,” Sutton said.



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