Balloon Release Remembers Senior By Tylar Socha and Alek Bethke

Family and friends gathered at Ricebird Stadium Monday night to remember senior Brittany Graham and release hundreds of balloons in her honor. Graham was killed in a car-train accident Thursday, April 13, in Blessing.

Jerrell Barron, a local pastor and principal, opened the event with kind words about Graham and her personality.

After Barron spoke, the crowd observed a moment of silence.

The family then joined him on the field for the balloon release which consisted of hundreds of multi-colored balloons gently floating into the evening sky after hours of hard rain earlier in the afternoon.

One spectator commented that the clouds seemed to part as the balloons ascended as if Graham herself was welcoming the kind gesture.

 Following the balloon release, Barron invited the crowd onto the football field to gather in prayer and approximately 300 friends, family and classmates descended from the stands to bow their heads.

Afterward, Graham’s father Jim Graham shared memories of his daughter with several people standing in small groups.

He said she loved to ride horses and care for her cows just as she did for all of her animals. Her pastimes included “mudding” and he said her charming ways and smooth talk “could get her out of any trouble.”

Others who lingered after the memorial, shared memories of Graham including plans for a bright future, an amazing smile, her love of riding around in diesel trucks and blowing smoke, and going fishing with her best friend, Kylie, who was always by her side.

Balloon Release

Friends of Graham said her last Facebook post was a quote from “Bluebonnets in the Spring” by Aaron Watson which said, “We’re like bluebonnets in the spring, We are only here for a little while. Some people stay in our lives for a while but leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same.”

Prayers for Graham’s boyfriend, who also was in the vehicle, were offered.  At the time of the memorial, family said Alphonse Revis was responding well to treatments at a Houston hospital.



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