Student Clubs

El Campo High School offers a number of clubs that students may join.  In order to be a member in good standing, the student must be approved by the club's sponsor and have a good attendance record.  Merely paying the dues does not qualify a student for membership.


Student clubs, classes, organizations and parent groups will occasionally be permitted to conduct fund-raising drives.  An application for permission must be made to, and approved by the principal.  Except as approved by the principal, fund raising is not permitted on school property.

Student Discipline

Student clubs and performing groups such as the band, choir, drill team and athletic teams may establish rules of conduct-and consequences for misbehavior-that are stricter than those for students in general.  If a violation is also a violation of school rules, the consequences specified by the school shall apply in addition to any consequences specified by the organization.

Anchor Club

SPONSOR: Mrs. Hunt

The purpose of this club is to promote friendship, leadership and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact upon the others lives.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

SPONSOR: Mrs. Mollnar 

The purpose of this club is to promote fellowship with a Christian emphasis among athletes.  However, all students are invited to participate.


SPONSORS: Shawn Peters, Zachary Zahradnik,

Aaron Wilson & Cassandra Wilson  

See sponsors - take an Ag Class.

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)


SPONSOR: Kaydi Kacer

The purpose of this club is to cultivate interest in the health related professions, provide opportunities for exploration of health issues, and promote leadership skills.  Community service, projects, club activities (education and social) and competitive events with other schools across the state make this an exciting and worthwhile experience. Students do not have to be enrolled in a Health Occupations class….

Anyone who is interested in the Health Care Field



Interact is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young people.  Interact gives young people an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects.  Along the way, Interactors develop their leadership skills and initiative while meeting new friends.


SPONSOR:  Kim Couvillion & Anna Zahn

See sponsors - Based on grades and by invitation your junior year.

Power Set

SPONSORS:  Sarah Eder & Stephanie Lyford

See sponsor for application process.

POWER SET: Powerful Opportunities for Women Eager and Ready for Science, Engineering, and Technology. For more information vist our website:

Science Club


The purpose of this club is to encourage science as a vocation.  The student must be enrolled in or have previous credit in a science course. Four science-related field trips will be included in this club.

Skills USA

SPONSOR: Mr. Farrar

The purpose of this club is to encourage through club activities the development of the "whole student", by developing social and leadership abilities.  The student must be enrolled in a technical or industrial course. 

Skills USA

TIVA - Best of Texas

Spanish Club

SPONSOR: Mrs. Escamilla

The purpose of this club is to encourage the practice of speaking Spanish and to familiarize the members with the customs, literature, and arts of the Spanish-speaking world; to create an amiable and understanding attitude towards our Spanish-speaking friends.  The student must currently be enrolled in a Spanish class.


SPONSOR: Katrese Skinner & David Otradovsky

STARS: Speakers Thespians and Reader'S:   Students who participate in speech, drama and debate at El Campo High School.  Activities include the Fall Play or musical, UIL One Act Contest Play, UIL Speech and Debate, NFL Speech and Debate, and TFA Speech and Debate. 

Student Council


See sponsors - Run for a position as a Class Officer (about the 4th week of school)

Teen Court

SPONSOR: Clara Baker

Teen Court is a Teen Judicial Court. It is run by high school and junior high students.  Teen court teaches teens the judicial system and how it works.  We normally do cases that involve students from middle school and high school.  If you interested in the judicial system or you have a desire to be a lawyer than Teen Court is for you.

UIL Competitors

SPONSOR:  Katrese Skinner & et. al. 

Ask your core teachers about UIL teams. They will begin building in the fall.


If you would like to see a list of invitational tournaments, they are updated weekly on the UIL website:


The Best of Texas Contest is another alterative to traveling. If you coach Science, Computer App, Computer Science, Spelling, or Number Sense you may enter as many students as you wish in this 2 month long internet contest:

WIT - Workforce Industry Training

SPONSOR:  Matt Sohrt 

See sponsor - Application process. Listen for announcements.


SPONSOR: Cheyenne Bibb

See sponsors - take photojournalism or desktop publishing.

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