Questions and Answers

Who is chosen for the yearbook staff?

  • Digital imaging and commercial photography are open to sophomores, juniors and seniors and will serve as a technology credit. These students complete at least two spreads for the yearbook. Yearbook is open to students who have successfully completed desktop publishing and yearbook students plan the book, work through all publication details, work photography days, and complete the book.

Why don't we get our yearbooks from previous years until the fall?

  • The yearbook contains photographs from spring sports and graduation. To have a book delivered before school lets out in May, we would miss all spring activities due to the time required for publication.

I never picked up my yearbook. Where do I go to pick it up?

Why were senior pictures taken on campus instead of using outside photographers?

  • To ensure consistency of photographs, we were forced to go to one photographer for the class. In the past, by allowing students to use a variety of photographers, many of the photos did not adhere to the standards set and it caused multiple problems and delays in printing.

Why is the yearbook so expensive?

  • Now that we offer a color book, the cost of publication only is over $100 per book. This does not include the cost of equipment, copies, cameras, software, etc. We count heavily on Senior Personals and Commercial Advertising to offset the cost of the book to students. Every effort is taken to keep costs down, and we do offer a payment plan. Also, we offer a discount for early orders.
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